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Situated in the heart of trendy Shoreditch, Market Sports is a privately owned Health & Fitness Club, boasting a magnificent 25 metre 'chlorine free' pool, as well as a large fully equipped gym and two exercise studios offering a range of classes.

Although our facilities are second to none, you don't get to stick around as long as we have without realising that people are the key to success. Not only does that mean that we have a fantastic, energetic and friendly team to welcome you, but also that they have the expertise to ensure you succeed in reaching your fitness goals – whatever they might be. Come on down to see us and we will show you the way.

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Market Sports launches MYZONE

Ever wondered how many calories you burn in a spin class?

If you are working hard enough on the Crosstrainer?

How about keeping track of your efforts?

At Market Sports you will have all these answers and more!

MYZONE is a monitoring system that encourages and rewards effort during physical activity. It measures calories, heat rate and effort so you can track your progress, achieve your goals, challenge yourself and others. Get involved!

To book a MYZONE trial session and know more click here